Routledge and Rutledge Roll of Honour and Awards
1914 - 1918
November Newsletter 2018
   This special edition of the Routledge Clan Society newsletter has been made available for all to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice.

   Inside it contains all Routledges, Rutledges and variants of the surname who were killed in WW1, and also all who were honoured for gallantry between 1914 to 1918. Their ages range from 16 to 44 and have been individually researched. Sadly, some have no information beyond what is on their grave, while others have pages of information available.

   Please feel free to contact the Society with any Questions as more information may be available.
(The document is best printed out double-sided if possible)

Printed versions are available on request from the Society for £2 or $3 plus postage.

If you would like a copy please contact us.

For existing Society members it is only the cost of postage.