The Routledge Clan Society formed on the 5th May 2012 in Hawick, Scotland with an initial 15 members. Since then we have held various gatherings in the UK and been offically represnted at various events throughout American states.  Our membership has now expanded globaly basting members in Scotland, England, Ireland, America, Canada and Australia.
    Our aim as a society is to educate people and promote the histoy of the surname and ultimately seek recognition as a once Scottsh Surname.
    As a Socety we also provide to provide a geneological and historical service to all of our members. Our door is always open so please feel free to have a browse and as us any questions.
Tom Routledge, Chairman
Who are you...?
de Routluge, de Routlug, Routelyech, Rowtleyche, Routlage, Routlisch, Routlich, Routlech, Roucleshe, Rouchligis, Routlesche, Routleche, Routlege, Rutlethe, Rotheluche, Rowtleische, Rowtleisch, Rowteleages, Bowteledge, Routledg, Routlach, Routlache, Ratlege, Ratledge, Rowtledge, Reutledge, Routledge, Rutliche, Rootledge, Rowtelege, Rowtlege, Ruttligis, Rutledge, Rutlidge, Rutlige, Rutlege, Routhedge, Rowtlage, Routleidge
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Find out where and when the Society will next be holding a Gathering, hosting an event, giving a talk or will be represented at a games or gathering throughout the world. But most importantly, how can you join in?
Discover the people and places that make up our heritage and history, from the 12th Century to modern day, from burning castles to building countries, from wax seals to ruined buildings…
What will you learn?  
Are any of our members related to you? Are they researching the same person as you? Have you the answers for them, or do they have the answers for you?  Take a look through our member’s trees and expand your family…
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   As a Society we organise annual Clan Gatherings in the UK and are make an official attendance at multiple events throughout the year across the USA.
   To our members we provide genealogical assistance, historical research guidance and tips, census look-ups and copies, limited parish records, talks and publish two newsletters per year full of articles related to the history of the Routledges.
    We can also provide talks tailored to an event’s needs and for anyone visiting the UK from overseas we can also provide some assistance on tourism, accommodation where to visit. Tours may be available.